Sic Bo by Microgaming

Sic Bo by Microgaming – Game Review

  • 19th, Aug 2022

Sic Bo literally means to “Precious Dice” in Chinese. Tai Sai or Dai Siu, which translate to Big/Small or Hi/Lo, are some other names for it in China.

The game will feature a betting board with characterized betting options on it. Here, you can place a bet based on your predictions of the results of a roll of three dice.

Sic Bo by Microgaming

Due to the fact that the dice rolls are totally random and all beneficial outcomes happen by chance, it is a high stakes game that requires very little skill.

Moreover, if you are new to online casino game real money in India, this article Sic Bo table game is a pretty decent place to get you started in a fun and exciting world of online gambling.

Sic Bo at Khelwin777

Sic Bo is a dice game. Most of us have played our fair share of games with dice since our childhood. The only difference in Sic Bo is, you bet and win real money. We at khelwin777 have our beautiful dealers ready to get you started in the Sic Bo game.

There may not be a simpler game than the Sic Bo table game in the whole of the online casino world. Three dice are rolled with the help of the machine so that the rolling of the dice is transparent. Then as a player, all you need to do is guess what combinations may occur in the three dice and bet on it. That’s it. That’s how easy it is.

History of Sic Bo           

Sic Bo is an old Chinese game. However, nobody exactly knows its origin dates or places. One thing we know for sure is that the game originated in China. As Sic Bo can be played with a variety of different objects like painted stones, tiles, dice, there is a good chance that the foundation of the basic premise that is developed as Sic Bo today was laid in place maybe before 1900 B.C. There is documented history of Chinese gambling in that era, so given how simple the game of Sic Bo is, we can guess that it was around then.

However, the game of Sic Bo table game got worldwide recognition once the Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century brought it to the United States. The casinos in Asia had already widely accepted the game as it was/is in every major casino in places like Hong Kong and Macau.

Now, the game of Sic Bo game has found new love among the online gambling crowd. Just because of how simple, fun, and easy it is to play the game.

Things to Know Before You Play Sic Bo

Before taking a look at how one plays, let’s take a look at the flow of the game.

As you know by now, Sic Bo is a dice game and has three dice. No don’t worry, it’s a normal dice that you have seen thousands of times, with six faces and symbols from one to six. Now, think of all the combinations that can occur with the given three dice with six faces.

Whatever combination you think will occur; you can bet on that. You think out of three dice, two of them will show “three”? That’s means you can bet on “double three”. You think all three of them will show “six”? Then you can bet on triple six.

That’s how simple it is. The bets are collected. The dice are rolled. Either your bet wins and you are paid, or it’s lost. Then we move on to the next roll, the next collection of bets.

Bets Types of Sic Bo

You may hear Sic Bo being called by very different names. One name you will eventually come across is “Big or Small”. Yes, this game is also known for its most popular bet in top online casinos which is Big or Small.

Let us take a closer look at big or small bets. The sum out of three dice comes to anywhere from 4 to 10, then it is called small and anywhere from 11-17 is called big.

Take, for instance, you bet on big and the dice are rolled. The result in three dice is 6-4-2. The sum is 12. This means you win and the payout ratio for big or small bets is 1:1.

Furthermore, you can bet on whether the sum will come to odd or even. It also has a payout of 1:1.

Similarly, there are double and triple bets. The double and triple means if either two or all three of the same number occur in the dice respectively. If you bet on any triple and result in three twos (2,2,2) you win.

One thing Sic Bo does greatly is how you can be generic or specific with your bets. You can either bet on triple or if you think the triple will be of number five (5), you can bet on that too.

Furthermore, you can bet on specific sums too. If you think the sum will be 8, you can bet on that too.

Another type of bet would be combinations. If you think out of three dice, 2 of them will show six (6) and three (3), you can place your bet on that. These types of bets have a handsome payouts ratio of 5:1.

Sic Bo has a lot of variations, so you may eventually run into one with slightly different bets. But this knowledge here covers almost every Sic Bo game you will come across in your life and it definitely covers Sic Bo we have in khelwin777.

Sic Bo Payout

If you go back and look at the big or small bets in the section above, it is mentioned that a sum of 4-10 is called small and 11-17 is called big. It is definitely true, but if you know your dice, you will see that 3 is missing from small and 18 is missing from big. As you can obviously get the sum of 3 and 18 from three dice.

The reason 3 and 18 are missing from the big and small categories is that for 3 and 18 to occur, you need to have tripled. It’s all ones or all sixes. Therefore, casinos do not payout big/small and odd/even bets when triples occur.

For example, You bet on big and the result after rolling the dice is (5,5,5) the sum of which is 15, which is big, yet you wouldn’t get paid. It is because casinos do not pay out Big/Small, Even/Odd bets along with Triple bets. This is what we called “House Edge”. And yes, it is like this in every Sic Bo game you will encounter and Sic Bo here at khelwin777 is no exception.

Sic Bo Casino Game Winning Strategy

The Sic Bo table game is so straightforward and has so few moving parts therefore, there isn’t much to maneuver to make results fall in our favor. However, there are some casino Sic Bo strategies to make things slightly favorable for us.

For instance, if you think triple of all sixes will occur and you are about to bet on that, make sure you also put on the generic bet of any triples. If your all sixes bet pays out, so will the bet of any triples.

Therefore, see if the bet you are willing to make has something in common with other bets.

Experts believe that varying your bets between Small and Big, the bets which have the lowest house edge gives you a good chance to win.

The best tip anyone will ever give you while gambling is this: “Play with the money you are willing to lose and have fun.” It all comes down to luck. If there was a sure-shot way to win the game of Sic Bo every time, the game would not exist as it wouldn’t be gambling.

If this article has done even half a decent job, you have a full grasp of how Sic Bo works and you are ready to play it for real money. Go out there and have fun.

Sic Bo Table Layout

At first look, the Sic Bo table could be a little intimidating. At least some players feel that way when they first look at a Sic Bo table.

The table has too many elements, and fresh players usually find that they are uncomfortable with this. The Sic Bo table is very similar to the roulette and craps tables. Similar to the tables for these two games, it has a congested and complicated appearance.

The game table may seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually very simple. Before playing, all you need to do is carefully read the given winning combinations and find which one needs more wagering requirement and choose which one to wager on.


Live Sic Bo is undoubtedly a wonderful game that is extremely different from the card-based games.

Due to its Asian roots, Asian markets acquire the game more often than European ones. However, only a few live casinos dealer offer the game such as khelwin777.

Overall, Sic Bo is one of the china-based best live casino game that recommended by the tons of gamblers around the world.

In the end, we are sure you to getting fair information regarding Sic Bo game. You should find the best trustworthy casino to jump into any gambling experience. Get the right licensed and authorized online gaming platforms first then check the best payment methods.

Here, you can visit khelwin777 for one of the best online casino gaming experience which is highly loved best betting site in india. Khelwin777 offers a best customer service facility with reliable deposit and withdrawal system.

besides these all, you can play more online casino games such as andar bahar, slot games, video poker games and many more.

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