Edge Sorting in Online Casinos

Edge-Sorting in Casinos: Strategies, Risks, and Effectiveness

  • 23rd, Jun 2023

Edge-sorting in casinos is a method employed by some casino players to gain an advantage in certain games, such as online casino baccarat games and blackjack. It involves recognizing minor differences in the patterns and designs on the backs of playing cards and using that information to make more informed decisions about which cards have been dealt and which are still in the deck. 

Edge-Sorting in Casinos

By examining the minute details on the back of the cards, players can gain a better understanding of what cards remain in the deck, enabling them to make better decisions and increase their chances of winning. Edge-sorting is a technique that some players employ to exploit these details and gain an advantage in certain card games. 

Edge-Sorting History

The world may never have heard of the technique known as “edge-sorting in casinos” had it not been for the famous edge-sorting cases in casinos involving the highly successful gambler Phil Ivey and his accomplice Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun. In 2012, they won an incredible total of $22 million from Croakfords Casino and Borgata Casino.

To ensure their success, they made several unusual requests to the casinos. They asked for certain cards to be rotated at 180 degrees for religious reasons, that a specific deck be used throughout their games, and that a Mandarin Chinese speaker be allotted to them.

Additionally, they insisted that only an automatic shuffler be used to deal the cards, as their intention was to engage in edge-sorting in casinos. What Ivey and Sun were actually practicing was the technique of edge sorting, wherein they requested a Mandarin-speaking dealer to ensure that their instructions remained confidential and not easily comprehensible to others present in the casino.

Sun had studied the decks at many different casinos and therefore knew which ones had flaws. They rotated the cards so Ivey could read the irregularities and identify high-value cards. Finally, they asked for an automatic shuffler because it makes edge sorting far easier. 

Identifying Small Variations in Playing Card Patterns

Edge-sorting in casinos are employed in the card game that a casino provides, where players keenly observe and identify subtle distinctions in the pattern or design on the back of playing cards. These strategies encompass how to edge-sort by recognizing minute variations in the patterns alignment, the spacing between elements, or even the color scheme employed.

By employing edge-sorting techniques, which involve observing minute discrepancies on the edges of playing cards, the player is able to keep track of which cards have been dealt and which are still left in the deck. 

This meticulous attention to detail grants the player a distinct advantage in the game. So, how to identify edge-sorting in casinos? Look for players who exhibit exceptional focus on the cards’ edges, constantly examining and manipulating them. 

However, it’s important to note the edge-sorting risks involved. Casinos have implemented strict policies against edge sorting, considering it a form of cheating. If caught, players can face severe consequences, including being banned from the casino, legal actions, and reputational damage.

Gaining an Edge in Card Games

By studying the subtle differences between the backs of the playing cards, the player can gain a better understanding of what cards are likely to be dealt in the next round, increasing the edge-sorting effectiveness. 

This knowledge of edge-sorting in casinos can then be used to make more informed decisions when playing games such as baccarat and online blackjack real money, potentially improving the player’s chances of winning.

However, it’s worth considering the edge-sorting future. As casinos become more aware of edge sorting and implement countermeasures, the effectiveness of this technique may diminish over time. 

Casinos have been actively working to enhance their security measures, update card designs, and train their staff to detect and prevent edge sorting. It remains to be seen how the ongoing evolution of technology and countermeasures will impact the viability of edge sorting as a successful strategy in the future.

For example, the player may be able to determine when it is more advantageous to hit, stand, double down, or split depending on the cards that are most likely to be dealt. Edge-sorting in casinos can thus give the player an edge over the casino, allowing them to make more profitable decisions.

Key essentials to implement edge sorting

essentials edge sorting elements

In order to engage in edge sorting in different casino games, it is essential that certain criteria are met, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable the player is. Therefore, in order to successfully perform edge sorting, it is necessary to fulfill the necessary requirements. 

However, it is important to note that casinos have implemented stringent security measures against edge sorting. Required elements for successful implementation of the edge sorting technique include:

  • Knowledge of the physical characteristics of the cards
  • Ability to identify discrepancies between the physical characteristics
  • Ability to take advantage of any inconsistencies in the order of the cards dealt.
  • Ability to identify the suit and rank of each card on the table quickly.
  • Ability to keep track of the order of the cards on the table.
  • Ability to adjust betting amounts and strategies based on the cards dealt.

Advantages of Edge-Sorting:

Advantages of Edge-Sorting:
  • Increased knowledge: Edge-sorting allows players to have a better understanding of the card distribution, giving them an edge over opponents who lack this information.
  • Strategic advantage: With knowledge of the remaining cards in edge-sorting in casinos, players can adjust their strategies and make more informed decisions, improving their chances of winning.
  • Improved odds: By selectively choosing which hands to play based on card values, players can potentially increase their winning opportunities.

Disadvantages of Edge-Sorting:

Disadvantages of Edge-Sorting:
  • Ethical concerns: Edge-sorting may be viewed as an unfair advantage, as it relies on exploiting flaws or irregularities in the card design rather than skill or strategy.
  • Risk of detection: Casinos and other players may become suspicious if someone consistently wins using edge-sorting techniques, leading to potential consequences such as being banned from the establishment.
  • Dependence on specific conditions: Edge-sorting relies on finding decks with noticeable flaws or asymmetries, limiting its applicability to certain games and situations.

Legal Considerations of Edge-Sorting 

The legality of edge-sorting in casinos varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific circumstances, giving rise to edge-sorting controversies. In some regions, it may be considered a form of cheating and can lead to criminal charges or legal consequences.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand and comply with the laws and regulations governing gambling and gaming in your specific location before attempting edge-sorting or any similar techniques. 

Furthermore, the ethical implications of edge-sorting have sparked debates within the gambling community and beyond, as it challenges the fairness and integrity of the game.

Players who are caught edge-sorting may face serious consequences, including being barred from the casino, having their winnings taken away, and even facing criminal charges. Notable edge-sorting cases have highlighted the severity of such consequences. 

It is therefore essential that anyone interested in using edge-sorting in casino as a strategy be aware of the potential legal risks and act accordingly. 


In conclusion, Edge-sorting in casinos is a technique that allows players to gain an advantage by recognizing subtle differences in playing cards. However, it is important to note that edge-sorting is not legally allowed in all casinos. 

Players caught edge-sorting may face serious consequences, including being barred from the casino and having their winnings confiscated. It is crucial to understand the legal risks and consider the ethical implications of this strategy. Responsible gambling and compliance with laws and regulations are essential for a fair gaming experience.

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