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The Martingale Strategy: How Does It Work in Online Casinos?

  • 06th, Dec 2022

What is Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system is a strategy that increases the possibility of winning your bet on live casino games. Players could recover their loss by 50% by doubling up on losing bets. This is a strategy of investing or betting introduced by the popular French mathematician Paul Pierre.

It is essentially a strategy that encourages a loss-averse mindset in an effort to increase the chances of breaking even. However, it raises the risk of big losses that happen quickly.

This kind of method works better in casino gambling or any others stocks trading. The Martingale strategy is applied mostly by playing the odds in a casino and hoping to break even.

When a player who employs this strategy loses, they quickly double the amount of the subsequent bet.

Where Did the Martingale Strategy Come From?

French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy invented the Martingale, which rose to fame in the 18th century. It was originally a type of betting based on the idea of “doubling down.”

Martingale betting system

You may find that you are eligible for a variety of welcome bonuses when you first sign up to play at a specific online casino.

There is no doubt that this is something to expect. If there is no chance of winning, what fun is gambling? People have developed a variety of strategies with the primary objective of winning the house.

The Martingale Betting System is one example of such a tactic. The Martingale Strategy is a well-known betting system that has been around for a long time and is used by gamblers all around the world including India.

This simple strategy is modifying the total amount bet so that it tracks losses in order to help recover some of the money that was lost. The Martingale method is not extremely difficult to learn, but it does require some experience before a gambler can use it.

The two most important elements that determine success at online casinos are personal conviction and a desire to learn the tactics required to win a game. The Martingale strategy is useful for the following situations.

  • Effective for keeping track of your win and losses.
  • designed to consistently produce stable wins.
  • It can be risky.
  • Effective only when combined with a huge bankroll and reasonable betting limits.

How Does The Martingale Betting System Works?

One of the most commonly used betting systems among gaming enthusiasts is the Martingale strategy. This is a result of its simple and principally logical methodology. The concept of “easy is better” is broadly accepted by players, and it is undoubtedly true.

The player is not required to quickly and mentally calculate bet amounts or to recall any difficult mathematics. Both traditional land-based casinos and online casinos can readily use the technology.

The Martingale system has seen many changes throughout time. All of these versions focus on the fundamental concept of raising or lowering a bet after a loss. The strategy is typically used on games of chance when winning and losing outcomes are roughly equal. For example the pass and don’t pass lines at craps tables and the black and red bets on roulette.

Baccarat is a rare but obviously applicable game to which the Martingale approach can be implemented.

The standard Martingale method simply doubles the subsequent wager following a loss. A fresh cycle starts once a victory is achieved. The system’s strength is that the player always takes home the largest wager of the cycle. Suppose the following scenario:

If a player starts with a $1 wager and loses it, they will place a $2 wager, and if they lose that wager, they will place a $4 wager. If the wager is successful, the cycle is restarted, and the participant places a new wager of $1.

With this strategy, the player is certain to win the biggest amount of each round of betting. The system introduces the player to an improbable but extremely risky strategy in exchange for a very small reward.

Anti-Martingale Betting System

The words anti-martingale, reverse-martingale, roulette double-down, and Paroli are all used to refer to the same betting method. It’s an easy one, and you can even pick it up while playing online roulette game real money if the odds are in your favor.

This approach, which is a version of the well-known Martingale strategy, can be employed with even-money casino games. While it is most frequently used as a roulette strategy, it can also be used with online baccarat games, blackjack, and other table casino games. The main benefit of the anti-martingale method is that you only choose to increase your risk if you are winning, but there are many other benefits as well.

Reverse Martingale Tips

  • If you lose, stick to the same bet size.
  • If you win, double your wager; if you lose, return to your original wager.
  • Place a different bet or keep placing the same one; the odds are the same either way.
  • Apply this tactic to even money wagers.
  • Make it short. Before you begin, decide how many consecutive wins you wish to earn. Then, go return to your initial wager.
  • Although you can use this strategy for any wager, it performs best on lower-risk even-money wagers, such as the roulette color of red or black.
  • Before you start a game, make sure your profit goal and stop-loss are clear. Don’t exceed those numbers.

Basic Example Of Martingale System

Let’s look at a simple example to better understand the fundamentals of the method. Let’s say you have a coin and want to play a game of heads or tails with a $1 beginning bet. Each flip of the coin is unique and has an equal chance of coming up heads or tails. (The outcome of the subsequent flip is unaffected by the previous flip.)

Given an endless amount of money, you would ultimately see the coin land on heads (or tails) if that’s your call, and you would then recover all of your losses plus $1. This is true as long as you continue to make the same call of either heads or tails.

The Best Casino Games for Martingale Strategy


The Martingale technique works with several casino table games. But the game it’s most frequently associated with is roulette.


With such a high win rate, baccarat games in India is a fantastic games to use the Martingale on. You will win 50.68% of the time if you bet on the banker’s hand.


The highest RTP of any game we’ve covered so far might be found in blackjack. It can provide up to 99.68% payback under the best rules.

But compared to most other table games, it doesn’t have exactly the same win frequency.

You have a 42% chance of winning a blackjack hand.

To offset for the reduced win percentage, blackjack offers natural payouts and the option to split and double down. If you add the Martingale with blackjack, however, you’ll notice increased volatility.


The two most common craps bets are pass line and don’t pass line. These bets have RTPs of 98.59% and 98.64%. On the come-out roll, which is the opening roll of a new round, both bets are available.

Otherwise, your initial bets will be $15 or more. During a losing streak, these bets improve your possibility of hitting the table’s highest betting limits.


Overall, The idea behind it is quite simple and clear. After each loss, you increase your bet so that, when you finally win, you may recover your losses and start betting with the original amount.

It seems to make sense and is simple to comprehend and put into practice. Neither a math genius nor a strategic genius is required to apply this system.

When playing different online casino games, there are several strategies to apply. It is a dynamic strategy that has the potential to generate sizable profits.

If you have a sufficient bankroll to support your gambling and the self-assurance to place large bets even when your luck is not in your favor, you can implement the Martingale system.

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