Strategies for Winning Blackjack

Tips and Strategies for Winning Blackjack in 2023

  • 10th, Jan 2023

Blackjack casino online game is one of the most popular live casino games but it’s not easy to win blackjack odds with perfect strategy. The game has changed dramatically in the last decade, but there are still several basic rules that you have to know if you want to use the advanced blackjack betting strategy.

Blackjack online casino games India is a game of skill and strategy, and the key to winning is understanding and applying the basic rules. Before playing, it is important to know when to hit, stand, double down, or split, as well as the value of each card and the different hand combinations that can be achieved.

Winning Strategies for Online Blackjack

Winning blackjack casino online game in 2023 isn’t easy, but there are some blackjack strategy explained that you can implement to improve your chances of success. There are many variations of blackjack and a lot of information to keep up with. However, in this article, we will explore how to become an expert at blackjack in 2023. But before diving right into the article please check out some of the following abbreviations which will help you to understand the winning strategies for blackjack:

  • NDAS: Doubling down after pair splitting is not allowed
  • DAS: Doubling down after pair splitting is allowed
  • H17: Dealer must hit soft 17
  • S17: Dealer must stand on soft 17

If you’re familiar with online casino live dealer blackjack, then you’re aware that it’s one of the most exciting card games in casinos worldwide. Specifically, you know that the rules are simpler than many other forms of gambling and it is an easy game to play. However, in order to win at blackjack in 2023 it’s important to be familiar with how different variations of the game work and how they can impact your chance of success.

Winning blackjack in 2023 should be a matter of simple math. Technically you can win any game of blackjack by following a few basic strategies and applying them to the odds. With this article, we are going to walk you through some tips and strategies that have worked for me in the past and more importantly that work for every single person right now.

By using the following tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of winning at blackjack and have a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience:

Tips and Strategies to Win Online Blackjack

Splitting Eights or Aces

Always split 8s and aces when playing blackjack. Splitting 8s against the dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace gives the player a better chance of winning and a less chance of losing.

Splitting aces results in significant gains for the player, whereas splitting eights allows the player to reduce losses or increase winnings depending on the dealer’s up-card.

In the long run, splitting eights and aces is the best strategy for blackjack players.

(Note: If you have a pair of 8s and the dealer is showing an Ace, it is better to surrender rather than split them if you are playing in a multi-deck game with H17 or a double-deck game with H17 and NDAS.)

Hit a hard 12 against the dealer’s 2 or 3 card

When the dealer has 2 or 3 shows, most players are too scared to take a chance and just stand on their 12.

However, even though hitting increases the likelihood of busting, it’s actually the best option in the long run because it will cost you less money than standing.

On a Hard 11, always double down

If you have the option to double down on a hard 11 against any dealer’s up- card, you will typically win more money than if you simply hit.

There is one exception, however: if the rules of the online casino live dealer blackjack specify that the dealer must stand on soft 17 in a multi-deck game, it is slightly better to hit against a dealer Ace than to double down.

Double your bet when the dealer has a card value of 9 or lower

When you have a two-card total of 10 in your hand, you are in the best position to beat the dealer if their up-card is 9 or less. The best move in this situation is to double down, as it gives you the highest chance of winning.

By doubling down, you are essentially betting twice as much as you originally did and increasing your odds of getting a favorable outcome.

In short, if you have a two-card total of 10 and the dealer’s up-card is 9 or less, always double down for the best chance of success.

Hit Ace-7 (soft 18) when the dealer’s up-card is 9, 10, or Ace

Players often believe that a hand totaling 18 is an automatic win, so they stand on soft 18 (A-7) when the dealer has a “strong” up-card (such as a 9, 10, or Ace). However, the truth is that hitting A-7 against these cards gives you a better chance of winning, since you can draw a small card and end up with a pat hand higher than 18, or draw a ten-valued card and not harm the hand.

The optimal strategy is to always hit A-7 in this situation, with the aim of either getting a soft 19–21 or a hard 17–21.

(Note: If you are playing a single-deck game with the dealer hitting on soft 17 (S17), it is best to stand on A-7 when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace.)

Sticking to the Dealer’s Soft 17 Rule

When playing blackjack online casino games India in an H17 game, it is recommended that you double down on a hard 11 against the dealer’s ace, a soft 19 (A-8) against the dealer’s 6, and A-7 against the dealer’s 2 in order to have the best odds of winning compared to an S17 game.

Do not divide two 5s or 10s

It is better to keep two 5s together as 10 than to split them and play two hands. Taking a one-card draw to a 10 is a better option than splitting the 5s. Keeping the two 10s together as 20 is even more beneficial in all cases.


Splitting A-2 to A-7 with Dealer’s 5 or 6

When facing a dealer with a 5 or 6 up-card, it is always the best move to double down on any A-2 through A-7 (soft 13 through 18) in order to maximize your chances of winning.

(Note: When playing blackjack with a double deck and the dealer must hit on a soft 17, if you have a soft 13-18 and the dealer’s up-card is a 5 or 6, you should always double down. Additionally, with an Ace and a 3, you should also double down against a 4.)

Keep 9s vs. Dealer 7 

When the dealer shows a 7, it is better to stand rather than split because the chances of them having a pat 17 are higher than if they had a lower card. This is due to the greater number of ten-value cards in the deck. To remember this, simply think that 18 (your 9s) beats 17 (the dealer’s 7 plus a 10 in the hole).

(Note: If the number of decks and blackjack rules make it beneficial, surrendering may be the most beneficial move.)

Hard 16 and 15 vs. Dealer 9, 10, and Ace 

A hard 15 and a 16 are two of the weakest hands in blackjack. When the dealer is holding a strong card like a 9, 10, or Ace, it is not wise to keep these hands.

The best option in this situation is to surrender, which means giving up and losing half your bet, as it is more likely that the dealer will win. Surrendering is the most economical decision in the long run.


If you love the thrill of gambling and you want to experience it unlike anyone else has ever experienced before, then online blackjack is the perfect way to achieve that kind of experience. After reading this article, you will have all the tools necessary to become a byword when it comes to gambling.

With the right strategy and an understanding of the odds, you can greatly increase your chances of success when playing blackjack. Here at Khelwin777, we provide a comprehensive online blackjack experience, giving players the opportunity to use the strategies discussed in this article to their advantage.

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