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Guide to Understanding Roulette Odds

  • 03rd, Jan 2023

Have you ever wondered what online live roulette odds are? What the “true” odds are and why they change? It can be hard to determine a “True” roulette odds percentage, especially if you have never played such table games casino online. This is why we made this guide for beginners, who either haven’t played before or just want to transition over to playing at least once.

When you’re playing roulette online casino, it’s important to understand how much each number will pay off during a spin. Understanding roulette odds will give you a clear idea on how to calculate roulette number. The online casino roulette’s payout and odds which are given in this blog will help you understand the differences between these numbers. It also shows you how many times you need to bet on a single bet line in order to break even. Thus, understanding roulette wheel and number will become much clearer to you.

There are many aspects to gambling that can be confusing and hard to understand. Especially on how to predict roulette numbers and odds. Thus, you need to grab knowledge on roulette payout tricks but for that you need to know different odds and payouts.

Gambling odds is one such thing where the sheer amount of options available can be overwhelming. When you look at a roulette online casino table one of the first things you might wonder is how the odds work in order to win a game of Roulette.

For the most part, the standard approach used by casinos and odds agencies is to look at even numbers as slightly favorable for an odd number so you will win more often on an even bet. This applies for both single-zero and double zero spins where if your ball lands on two-zero than you stand an 80% chance of winning on any spin following (both with a pass line bet and don’t shoot).

In fact, when it comes down to it, this is what most people think about when it comes to betting and understanding their odds when playing roulette game online real money India. However, there are many more aspects that need to be considered so let’s take a deeper look at how different events effect your potential payout percentages in roulette bets.

What are the odds of winning at roulette?

Online live roulette is a game of chance where you can bet on a variety of numbers or combinations. To find out how to guess roulette numbers you need to understand about odds and payouts

The odds of winning a bet in American roulette are determined by the number of slots on the wheel, which is 38.

For a straight-up bet, the odds of hitting a single number are 37 to 1. However, the house pays out only 35 to 1 on winning bets, as they keep a portion of all bets as their own profit. This is known as the house edge. The odds of success are usually displayed as a percentage, while the payout is shown as a ratio to the bet.

While comparing Roulette House of Edge with other live dealer games, Baccarat Casino online has a lower House of Edge but it can be depending on betting decisions.

What is a called bet in Roulette?

A “called bet” in online roulette India is a bet that is placed on a specific set of numbers or a specific area of the roulette wheel that is called out by the player. Called bets are also known as announced or verbal bets. They are not typically marked on the roulette table layout but are instead called out to the croupier, who will then place the bet on the table for the player.

Called bets are usually more complex than standard bets and may include combinations of numbers or patterns on the roulette wheel. In some cases, bets may be subject to different minimum and maximum limits than standard bets.

Online Roulette Limits

There are cases where casino sites place minimum and maximum bet amounts on online casino roulette real money India. In other words, the stipulations added will differ depending on the online casino itself. Some roulette casinos will require a fixed amount, whereas others will adjust the minimum and maximum bets based on the amount of money each gambler stakes.

So how do you know which online casinos fit the bill (without affecting your odds of winning)? It’s simple. Prior to playing this online real cash game, the top roulette online casinos will always declare the limits to bettors.

Limitation of Minimum as well as Maximum Betting:

Minimum Bet

Casinos incorporate this wager into their most popular roulette tables. This typically expands during the busiest times for casinos, so try playing roulette games during non-busy hours.

Maximum Bet

A casino enforces a cap on bets in a roulette game when high stakes are being wagered. Casinos need reliable income to run effectively, or else they risk losing a large sum of money rapidly if bettors get several large payouts in a row.

Several kinds of bets:

Kinds of Bets in Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the best live casino games in the world. It is also a great way to learn about probability and statistics.

Several kinds of bets are available in online casino live dealer roulette:

  • Thirds of the Wheel: The chance here is 32.4%, and the payoff is fixed at 17:1.
  • Zero Game: The probability of this wager being successful is 18.9%, and the reward can reach a maximum of 26:1.
  • The Orphans: The probability of this wager succeeding is 21.6%, and the payout can be either 35:1 or 17:1.
  • The Neighbors: This is a wager on five consecutive numbers.
  • Neighbors of Zero: You must place a minimum of nine chips in order to cover all those digits, and the likelihood of this bet succeeding is 45.9%. The payoff is not determined and could be as much as 24:1, contingent on the successful number.

How to calculate roulette payouts

Before you start looking into the potential rewards of different roulette bets, make sure you understand the different types of bets and where you need to place your chips on the table. Having a good grasp of the different bet types will help you make the most of your roulette experience.

There are several types of roulette bets, each with its own payout odds. Here are the most common types of roulette bets and their payouts:

  • Straight bet (also called a single bet): This is a bet on a single number. The payout for a straight bet is 35 to 1, meaning that if you bet $1 and your number hits, you will win $35.
  • Split bet (also called a two-number bet): This is a bet on two numbers that are next to each other on the roulette table, either vertically or horizontally. The winnings for a split bet are seventeen times the original bet.
  • Street bet (also called a three-number bet): This is a bet on three numbers that are in a row on the roulette table. The reward for a street bet is eleven times the amount bet.
  • Corner bet (also called a four-number bet): This is a bet on four numbers that form a square on the roulette table. The reward for a corner bet is 8 times your original bet.
  • Line bet (also called a six-number bet): This is a bet on six numbers that form two rows on the roulette table. The return for a line bet is five times the amount of your original bet.

Odds and potential payout

Roulette is a game of chance, but it can be played and enjoyed by anyone who likes to bet. By understanding roulette odds and payouts, you can play with an advantage. The following are odds and payouts in roulette online casino.

Six Numbers5:116.2%15.8%
Five Numbers6:113.5%13.2%
Four Numbers8:110.8%10.5%
Three Numbers11:18.1%7.9%
Two Numbers17:15.4%5.3%
Single Number35:12.70%2.60%
Even Bets1:148.60%47.4%

Odds for Outside Bets

If you are betting on the outside numbers, it is important to know that these bets come with a different set of odds. The odds for the outside bets will depend on the number of numbers you bet on, whether they are even or odd and if they are red or black. The table below shows the basic information regarding outside bets and their different types:

High or Low1:148.65%47.37%
Odd or Even1:148.65%47.37%
Red or Black1:148.65%47.37%

Odds for Inside Bets

Inside bets are the most popular way for players to bet on the outcome of a single spin. They are also the most volatile and expensive ways to bet, with the odds of winning inside bets often changing based on how much money is wagered on them.

The odds for inside bets are determined by multiplying each number on the wheel by its corresponding probability. So, by understanding roulette wheel you can find out more about the odds in roulette. The table below shows the basic information regarding inside bets and their different types in online roulette real money India:

Double Street5:116.2%15.8%

Tips to improve your odds

Tips to Improve Odds in Online Roulette

If you wish to play it safe and increase their odds, you should stick to the table’s minimum and make wagers on the outside bets. Players should also spread their bets by placing two equivalent wagers on two outside bets. In the European version, the highest likelihood of victory is 16.22%, while for a six-line bet in the American variation it is 13.16%.

It is clear that European roulette has superior odds compared to American roulette, and hence gamblers are encouraged to play European roulette. Players can also utilize roulette strategies that have been verified and have stood the test of time.

Professionals utilize strategies such as the martingale strategy, the reverse martingale strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, multi-chip betting patterns, and taking advantage of roulette flaws.

Here are some tips to improve your odds:

·       Arrive prepared for the game

The chances of distinct bets yielding returns in roulette differ significantly. If you are looking to maximize your funds, you must be familiar with the probabilities of various bets paying out before you engage in the game. Some digital versions will indicate the chances of each bet within the game, but if not, you can keep this page open to double-check as you gamble.

·       Select your roulette game carefully

If you’re in two minds about playing American, French, or European roulette, make certain you are conscious of the disparate chances for every version before you start. Determining whether your game of choice has a higher house advantage may assist you in avoiding any losses that are a little more costly. We’d recommend playing European roulette, as it has the least house advantage.

·       Try outside bets to up your chances

If you’re solely looking to maximize your chances of winning at roulette, outside wagers are the approach to take. These offer more recurrent returns, and you can abide by the table’s minimum stake if you prefer to stay especially secure.

Putting two equivalent external wagers—for instance, on black and odd—is a relatively low-hazard manner of providing yourself with a nice shot of a yield. Gambling this way won’t significantly boost your roulette earnings, but it’s a way to still have a good time without losing large amounts of money.

·       Start with European roulette as a beginner

Of all the roulette variants, European roulette has the lowest house advantage. Therefore, it is the preferred option. European roulette is available everywhere, both in land-based casinos and in almost every online casino.


In conclusion, online casino roulette real money India is an exciting game of chance that can provide players with hours of enjoyment and potentially lucrative rewards. By understanding roulette odds, players can maximize their chances of success. With a good grasp of the different types of bets and the payouts associated with them, players can make informed decisions when placing wagers.

Furthermore, understanding the difference between European and American roulette can help players decide which version to play. Finally, following the tips provided in this guide can help maximize the chances of success and minimize losses. Roulette is a great game for all types of players, so have fun, be smart, and enjoy the game!

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