Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gadi

Win a Brand-New Renault KWID: Khelwin777 India

  • 07th, Dec 2022

Are you playing live online casino games? How frequently do you win? Don’t you want something new and exciting? Then you are at the right place, Khelwin777 has got you covered. Khelwin777 India is giving away the Renault KWID car, which is probably the best minicar in India. We are bringing the new contest where our live casino players will get a chance to win brand new Renault KWID Car with cash prizes.

If you want to win a brand new KWID, then take part in this contest! There are many prizes for every category of target. This is for all the beloved customers of Khelwin777 who are continuously participating in and playing online casinos with Khelwin777. As being one of the best online casino games in India for online casino games we are not limiting ourselves to this offer. We will also provide a lot of prizes with this car.

So don’t delay. Simply take part to be a winner of our Khelwin ki Khiladi Jitto Gaddi. So, enjoy the joy of winning more gifts from us!

Here’s how you can win a brand-new Renault KWID! From now until January 31st, 2023, get to know more about this car and have the opportunity to win by playing live online games with Khelwin777!

Stay tuned to the end of this blog to know more about our latest promotion, “Khelwin Ki Khiladi Jitto Gadi.”

Introducing Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gaddi

Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gaddi is a great opportunity where a player with the highest turnover will get a chance to win amazing prizes. This is an exciting way to play and win prizes as well. The more games you play, the more likely you are to win.

The player who has won the most times with the highest turnover during the current contest will be chosen as the winner of Khelwin Ki Kheladi Jitto Gaddi. The prize distribution will be based on the number of times the player won and their turnover during this contest.

The event will begin on November 20, 2022, and last until January 31, 2023. So, during this period, you can simply join Khelwin777 and play any games you like, and if you get the highest turnover during this period, then you will get a chance to win a brand new KWID car.

Besides this, the rest of the first, second, and third players will each get a chance to win other cash prizes. We’ve also set up a lucky draw coupon contest in which all active players can win fantastic cash prizes. 

Therefore, there are numerous chances of winning with Khelwin777. All you need to do is start playing games and make the most turnovers.

How to Participate in Khelwin Ki Kheladi Jitto Gaddi?

Khelwin777’s Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gaddi is a great platform to win amazing cash prizes. To participate actively, you must first have a valid login ID or email address through which you can access Khelwin777’s system. Then only you will be able to login, play, and actively participate in Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gadi.

To participate in this contest, you must clearly follow the following guide which will give you a clear knowledge on how to start:

  • The first step is to go to the main site of
  • If you are a new user and click register but if you are an old player then you can directly sign up and start playing games on Khelwin777.
  • You can register by clicking the link below or click on “Sign Up Now” button if you have already signed up for this game.
  • Fill all the details of your personal information and then confirm them.
  • The system will generate a unique id and send you to your email.
  • Then By confirming your email you can login to the dashboard and start playing games.
  • No matter whatever games you play, all you have do is to play and make a highest turnover.
  • Player with the highest turnover will get the prizes according to our terms and conditions.

What are the Winning Prizes?

The prizes are basically based on how much you play and how much money you put into the game. There are many different ways to win Khelwin777, but the most common is to analyze the game before starting to play the online live casino game.

The process of winning the prizes is simple but challenging. The first thing to do is to pick your game and then begin playing real money casino games at Khelwin777. To win a prize, you need to reach the target turnover than your competitors. Once you have done that, you can start enjoying your prize forever!

There are many categories available in this contest and each category has its own unique prize list attached with it so no matter what kind of prizes you want to win, they are all there for you! You can choose as many categories which will help you get more chances of winning more prizes.

Each prize can be either cash or a set of in-game items. The prizes depend on the number of turnovers that you have made, and can include:

  1. Bumper Prize: Renault KWID Car
  2. First Prize: INR 100000
  3. Second Prize: INR 70000
  4. Third Prize: INR 50000

As a result, these were the main prizes for the Khelwin Ke Khiladi Jitto Gadi. But we are not only limited to this, as we have further plans to give more cash prizes to the rest of the players who are actively playing on our platform. Thus, we will go through a lucky draw event where the other active players will get a chance to win some sorts of cash prizes, which include:

  1. Lucky Draw First Prize: 50000
  2. Lucky Draw Second Prize: 30000
  3. Lucky Draw Third Prize: 20000
  4. Consolation Prize for INR 10000 each for the rest of the top 8 players i.e., total INR 80000.


To summarize, the Khelwin777 team is very happy to organize such a great opportunity where the players can take part and win the brand-new Renault KWID along with other prizes. Khelwin777 is an online casino with lots of enthusiasm for providing you with a great gaming experience.

We believe that rewards are important for the players because, as research shows, there is a direct relationship between the existence of motivation and performance. Even though there is no substitute for hard work, rewards and recognition can help a player stay focused and productive. We hope that all of our players will take advantage of this exciting opportunity for a chance to win a brand-new Renault KWID.

As Khelwin777 had built some best user experiences for the Indian players so, we organized a great opportunity for the players to give them a kind of pleasure and make them aware about Khelwin777 contest. This contest helped us build our brand awareness through Facebook and Twitter. We used the power of social media marketing to market this contest. And the result was really good. People really enjoyed our new live casino games!

The conclusion here is that we are providing the best gaming experience with the best opportunity for all of our players so that they can play and enjoy amazing prizes with Khelwin777.

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