How to Play 3 Card Poker – Rules & Strategy

  • 21st, Aug 2022

Three card poker is an exciting variant of the classic poker game played with a standard 52-card deck. It offers three gameplay options and provides players with four opportunities to win.

In three-card poker, the usual poker ranking system is used, but with a few differences. The only exception to this is when it comes to two pairs. To make a STRAIGHT and a FLUSH, only three cards must be dealt consecutively and three must be of the same suit.

A STRAIGHT wins in the end over a FLUSH in three card poker. Additionally, there are other wagers against the dealer that might result in additional rewards.

In this tutorial, we will look at what the three-card game is and all the required things you need to know before playing it. If this is the game that has sparked your attention, you have made an excellent choice and will have a great time playing it.

Furthermore, if you seek different games rather than the old, classics, or usual in the world of online gambling, Three Card Game is a good place to start.

Three Card Game is also known as Three Card Poker. The game is called “Brag” in some places as well. This is very simple and easy game. As the name suggests, the game is particularly based on the three-card on your hand.

History Of Three Card Poker

Derek Webb devised Three Card Poker in the mid-1990s in England. It was initially known as Casino Brag because it was inspired by 3-card Brag and was adapted to create a casino game in which players bet against the house rather than each other.

When this game was introduced to America, it was given the name Three Card Poker; it is also known as Tri Poker at times. Derek Webb’s organization Prime Table Games first marketed the game to casinos, but in 1999 the rights to the game were bought by Shuffle Master, afterward renamed SHFL Entertainment, Inc. SHFL asserted its control of the game in 2012 by registering the name of the ‘Pair Plus’ side bet as a trademark.

Several twentieth-century American card game publications describe an older game known as Three Card Poker. This was a Draw Poker game using three-card hands rather than five-card hands, and participants bet against each other in traditional poker fashion.

Three Card Poker Gameplay

The game is separated into two primary orders, red and black, as well as leopard, straight flush, flush, straight, and unique branded regions, for a total of three orders. Compare the card types of Red and Black to determine whether you will win or lose. Every game round, deal 3 cards to Red and Black. Compare the card type first, then the card value to determine if you win or lose if the card values are the same. If the card rank and combination of the three cards between red and black are the same, the game is a draw, and the bet sums are refunded.

Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy

The player’s hand and the dealer’s hand play against one another in a heads-up game of three card poker. Three cards are dealt to the dealer, each player, and any remaining ante bets. By placing a “play” wager equal to their ante, players can either continue the hand or fold. After that, cards are revealed and bets are decided.

For the dealer hand to play, the dealer’s hand must be Queen high or above. In the absence of a play by the dealer, play wagers are inactive, and ante bets are paid 1 to 1. The dealer and player hands are evaluated if the dealer prefers to play. Both the ante and play stakes are lost if the player hand is lost. Ante and play bets are paid 1 to 1 if the player hand wins.

There are other optional bets available. The player’s hand will have a pair or higher, according to the Pair Plus wager. If the player has at least two pairs of twos, the Pair Plus betting is successful. Because the Pair Plus wager does not compete with the dealer’s hand, the payout is available despite of the dealer’s hand. Some casinos additionally provide an Ante Bonus, which is given for a straight or better and is paid on the ante bet. In a typical Ante Bonus paytable, a straight flush pays 5 to 1, a three of a kind pays 4 to 1, and a straight pays 1 to 1. The Ante Bonus pays if the hand beats the dealer’s hand or not, just as the Pair Plus wager.

3 Card Pokers Side Bets

There are normally two different side bets available in three-card poker. Six-card bonus or Pair Plus are the 2 options to players.

Six-card bonus
The player and dealer’s hands are combined in the six-card bonus. Then, the best five-card hand can be formed with these six cards. A three of a kind or better is necessary for the five-card hand for the player to win.

Pair Plus
This side bet pays off regardless as to whether the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand. All hands with a pair or better are paid out.

How To Play Three Card Game

There are three places where you can bet. They are Black, Lucky, and Red. The dealer gives around 20 seconds to bet. You can either bet on Black or Red. You might bet on Lucky simultaneously. After the bets are confirmed, the dealer then places 3-3 cards simultaneously on Black and Red one by one. The dealer then reveals the cards and the card that has the highest value wins.

Lucky denotes the type of cards that are present on the table. It doesn’t matter where the cards are. The cards might also be collectively analyzed as 6 cards.

Card Ranking

The cards are ranked from the highest to lowest in the following order: 

Any Triple> Straight Flush> Flush> Straight> Pair> High Card 

Any Triple Killer> Any Triple 

When Any Triple and Any Triple Killer appear at the same time, Any Tripler Killer is higher than Any Triple. When Any Triple and Any Triple Killer appear at the same time, Betting on Lucky cards does not compensate for bonuses. 


Straight Flush> Flush> Straight> Pair> High Card> Any Triple Killer 

If Any Triple doesn’t appear, Any Triple Killer is the smallest hand. 


Both have the same hand. (Any Triple, Straight Flush, Flush, Straight, Pair), High Card 

Compare the highest card first. If both highest cards have the same rank, compare the second highest card and so on. 


Straight Flush & Straight 

Ranking: A.K.Q>K.Q.J>Q.J.10>J.10.9>10.9.8>9.8.7>8.7.6>7.6.5>6.5.4>5.4.3>4.3.2>3.2.A 



When both have a pair, compare the rank of the pairs first. If both have the same rank of the pairs, compare the rank of the single card. 


A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2, every suits. 

 Payouts of 3 Card Poker

The following denotes the payout that you will get when you win from the following cards in your hands: 

Card Ranking Odds 

Red 1:0.95 

Black 1:0.95 

Any Triple 1:120 

Straight Flush 1:100 

Flush 1:8 

Straight 1:7 

Lucky blow Odds 

Any Triple 1:10 

Straight Flush 1:5 

Flush 1:3 

Straight 1:2 

Contains Pair 9-Pair A 1:1


Overall, This article should have helped to clarify how to play 3 Card Poker properly. Likely, it’s a fun and simple table game to figure out how to play.

Keep in mind the range of betting options. Moreover, make sure you better understand yourself with the Three Card Poker game’s House Rules.


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