Bull Bull/Fight Bull Game Review

  • 21st, Aug 2022

Bull Bull, also known as Bull Fight, is a simple card game that is commonly referred to as a Chinese version of poker. It is played at live dealer tables in online casinos that focus on or alter their offerings for the Asian market.

The game is played using six standard card decks, and instead of competing with one another, the players face off against the casino.

The Bull Bull game became popular in China originally. It is a basic betting poker game that may be played by multiple players simultaneously.

Players that satisfy the banker qualifications can be bankers, and the winner is determined by comparing the card size with the banker and has nothing to do with the other players. Because the game is easy and intriguing, as well as fast and amusing, it is popular among poker enthusiasts. 

You will have a complete understanding of Fight Bull at the end of this article, including how to play and the things that you should keep in mind when playing the bull card game online. 

How to Play Fight Bull Online Casino Game 

There is one Banker and three players in the Fight Bull Casino online game. In other words, there are three seats and three-betting alternatives. Bets must be placed before any card dealing may take place. Participants can put two types of side bets: equal and double. When the game begins, the dealer will deal five cards to each of the three players and the Banker.

To calculate the payments, the 5-card hands must be rated and compared. The rating system may appear perplexing at first, but after a few sessions, it will become entirely natural. 

Bull Bull Casino is played by producing the following hand values: No Bull, Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, Bull 4, Bull 5, Bull 6, Bull 7, Bull 8, Bull 9, Bull Bull, and 5 Flower Bull. The probabilities of a player winning and losing are reflected in the tables, as specified in the game regulations.

The dealt cards remain on the table, but there is also a digital display for players who choose to monitor the games in this manner. Below the video feed, there is a little table that displays the results of previous rounds, as well as a small chat box that goes disabled during bet placement. 

The game makes use of 52 cards (excluding Joker). In each game round, deal 5 cards to each participant. Find three cards that sum up to or are multiples of ten. If the remaining two cards sum up to more than ten, the total must be less than ten, and the remaining points are compared with Banker. 

You have numerous bet kinds from which to pick; please check the list below: 

“Player 1”: Double, Equal, Many                           

“Player 2”: Double, Equal, Many 

“Player 3”: Double, Equal, Many 

When betting on Double, “Credit” must be greater than 5 times the bet amount (bet amount x odds of 5P). For further information, please see “Explanation.” 

Standard Rules 

Each Bull Bull round begins with the dealer drawing the first card from the shoe and presenting it to the table participants.

This card determines the sequence in which the remaining cards are dealt, and the dealer will then proceed to draw hands of 5 further cards each for the Player 1-2-3 and Banker 1-2-3. Before any of this can happen, bets have already been put on one of the betting options, with two side bets, Equal and Double. 

After all of the cards have been dealt, the dealer will disclose the cards in the same order that they were dealt, and the hands will be compared and rated.

The stake with the highest-ranking hand wins and is paid out per the payoff table. Some variations enable the dealer to draw the cards face up, although dealing the cards face down is far more common, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game. 

How To Play 

Find any three cards that sum up to a multiple of ten, and then add the remaining two cards to establish the hand type.

If both the “Player” and the “Banker” have the same hand type, compare the largest card within 5 cards – compare the card rank, followed by the card suit (Spade > Hearts > Club > Diamond). The winning hand is the one with the highest hand type. 

There is one banker and three players in this live casino. In other words, there are three seats and three wagering options, so bets must be placed before any card dealing can proceed. The two side bets available to players are equal and double.

The dealer will deal with the banker, the three players, and each of them 5 cards as the game begins. To determine the payments, the 5-card hands must be ranked and compared. After a few sessions, the ranking system will seem completely natural. At first, it could appear a little confusing.

It all gets down to understanding hand values by playing this game:

No Bull, Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, etc. 

Players’ chances of winning and losing are displayed on the table.

52 playing cards are being used (excluding joker). Find 3 cards that sum up to 10 or a multiple of 10 from a hand of 5 dealt to each player in a round of the game. If the total of the two remaining cards is greater than 10, the sum must be dropped by 10, and the remaining points are then compared to the banker’s points.

There are various types of wagers you can place:

  • First player: Double, Equal
  • Second player: Double, Equal
  • Third player: Double, Equal

Card Ranking 

After being dealt, the 5-card hand is divided into two parts, a set of three cards and a set of two cards. The set of three cards is tallied up to a total of 10; if the total of the second 2-card set plus the 3-card set exceeds 10, the total is calculated by subtracting 10 from the final score. What’s left will be compared to the Banker’s hand. 

The wagers are paid out based on the Bull Bull payment table and the rank of the 5 card combination. The lowest ranked hand is one that cannot be added for a total of 10, and this sort of hand is known as No Bull which is like 


While Bull 1 is a combination of three cards that may be combined for a total of 10, plus 2 cards that add up to 11 or 1: 

Q + 9 + A + 8 + 3 

Then, Bull 2 is a hand with 3 cards totaling 10 and 2 cards totaling 2 or 12: 

Q+9 + A+2 + 10 

Similarly, Bull 3 is a sequence in which the 3 cards add up to 10, while the remainder of the cards sums up to 13, or 3: 

J + 8 + 2 + 8 + 5 

Next, Bull 4 happens when 3 cards add up to 10 and the 2 more cards result in either 4 or 14: 

10 + 10 + 10 + 9 + 5 

Bull 5 occurs when 3 cards sum up to 10 and 2 cards and result in 5 or 15: 


Also, Bull 6 is a hand with 3 cards totaling 10 and 2 remaining cards then totaling 6 or 16: 

10 + 6 + 4 + 9 + 7 

The hand is called Bull 7, and it consists of 3 cards totaling 10 and 2 cards totaling 7 or 17 points: 


Bull 8 combines two cards totaling 8 or 18, whereas Bull 9 combines 3 cards totaling 10 and 2 cards totaling 9 or 19: 

Bull 8: K + Q + J + 7 + A 

Bull 9: 7 + A + 2 + 3 + 6 

Bull Bull is immediately adjacent to the highest rating hand in this game, and it consists of three cards totaling ten and two cards totaling ten or twenty: 

K + Q + 10 + 9 + A 

Finally, 5 Gong is a hand consisting of all of the face cards, Kings, Queens, and Jack: 

K + K + Q + J + J 


The standard payout of live bull bull/ bull poker/ fight bull is categorized as below: 

Player and Banker Winning Odds

Player and Banker Losing Odds

Hand Double Equal Hand Double Equal 
5 Gong  1: 4.75 1: 0.95 5 Gong  1: 5 1: 1 
Bull Bull  1: 2.85 1: 0.95 Bull Bull  1: 3 1: 1 
Bull 9  1: 1.90 1: 0.95 Bull 9  1: 2 1: 1 
Bull 7 1: 0.95 1: 0.95 Bull 7 1: 1 1: 1 


The card game Bull Bull/Bull Fight is well-liked in China and Southeast Asia. BullFight is presented by Asian dealers who also give you a Macau-like environment, so if you enjoy it, you don’t need to go to Asia to play the casino game.

One of the most notable features of the game is its quick pace because you see the cards as soon as they are dealt. The great online casino games attract gamblers globally. Bull bull offers a variety of interesting gaming features. So get the best online casino platforms to play your favorite online casino games for real money.

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